Attire: Dance wear, tights or jazz pants or leggings, nothing baggie, jazz shoes or jazz sneakers. 

Beginners will work for approximately 45 mins strengthening their core, stretching the body and working on technique which will be then be translated into the movements across the floor for the remainder of the class. They will learn basic terminology stemming from ballet along with Jazz styles and lines of the body. 

Across the floor will be a series of the basic progressive movements such as leaps and turns. The last half hour will be dedicated to a style of dance known on Broadway. Every few weeks they will begin a new style introducing a different genre to their dance. Students are recommended to take a basic ballet or Floor-Barre class in order to advance more quickly and understand basic body alignment such as the parallel and turned out position.


Broadway Jazz II

Attire: Dance wear, jazz shoes or jazz sneakers , character shoes rubbered, hair up and neat

Students in this class should have a good understanding for basic classical technique and have taken ballet and jazz before. Class begins with a 45 mins warm up beginning with a strong core workout and goes into a warm up including plies and tendues that will include the styles and lines that are Luigi based. The flow of the class is constant to build up stamina moves into a series of stretches. Ladies will then change into character shoes and we will begin isolations, styles and across the floor combinations. Class will work on a variety of combinations in the styles of Jazz greats such as Jack Cole, Matt Mattox, Fosse, Bennett, Kidd and Robins! This is an advanced class.

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Ballet For Broadway I

Attire: Hair in a neat bun and tight, leotards, tights, ballet skirts ok, ballet slippers

Basic Ballet fundamentals for the beginner dancer. Broadway dancers still need a classical foundation therefore the class begins with the ballet barre, learning vocabulary and working on correcting body alignment. We then take the barre into the center of the room and across the floor. We end the class by working on a small combination developing the ability to connect the steps using clear transitions and challenging your memory. This is also a time to begin to work on performance skills. Students progress to the next level when they have developed a good understanding for basic ballet technique.


Ballet For Broadway II

Attire: Hair in a bun neat and tight, leotards, tights,ballet skirt, ballet slippers. ( character shoes *)

Class begins with a ballet barre just as level I learning more terminology but longer more intricate patterns. This level challenges the students by working faster with more advanced movements and combinations in the center across the floor. Musicality and dynamics are part of the work of this class advancing and enhancing your performances and auditions.


FLOOR-BARRE® Zena Rommett Technique

Attire: leotards, tights, leggings and tank tops. Nothing baggie or lose fitting. Clean socks.. No buns

Students perform basic ballet movement while lying on the floor guided by verbal instruction and imagery. Dancers, non-dancers and children gain strength and knowledge for proper alignment. The work is slow and deliberate so you can work carefully and precisely to perfect each movement. Correct patterns of movement become muscular memory without fighting the pull of gravity or bearing the body’s weight. Incorrect muscular patterns are replaced with corrected alignment and then are reinforced in a standing position either at the barre or center work.

Julie Pappas-Smith has been certified by Zena Rommett in her technique (2002) and has been a student since 1989. Ms Smith is also a senior instructor and mentor for the Zena Rommett Foundation ®. This technique has been “Recommended as a valuable therapeutic resource to rehabilitate or retain the body to avoid injury or misuse.” - Dance magazine 1994