MPAS Dance Classes - Jazz

Here at the Miami Performing Arts Studio we offer New York style dance classes. What is that? That means the classes are 90 minutes long and include conditioning, technique, styles, and combinations. We also focus on transitions.

Julie, co-owner & teacher, is a graduate of The Boston Conservatory and has performed at Disney, on Broadway tours, and in the North Shore Civic Ballet. She has also been studying the Zena Rommett's Floor Barre™ technique for almost 30 years. In fact, she is a senior instructor at the annual certification training in New York City. She is also on the faculty of Boston Conservatory for their Summer Dance Intensive.

Our dance classes focus on proper technique and musicality with an emphasis on safety for the students. When you are ready to work hard, in a very supportive atmosphere, and take your skills to the next level, come and speak with us. Julie's students have been accepted to The Boston Conservatory, Elon, NYU Tisch, University of Michigan, CCM, Carnegie Mellon, FSU, and many others. One former student is a New York City Rockette!

Please check out the video for a sampling of our Jazz Classes.