Music Programs

Our comprehensive music program is designed to not only teach the mechanics of a specific instrument but also includes the fundamentals of basic music theory and ear training including the notes, the staff, scales, solfege, musical terminology, chord structure and more. Student ensembles will also be put together to allow for practical application of skills learned in their lesson while playing with a group.






intro to music & rhythm

This class for grades 3 to 5 will introduce the students to rhythms, ensemble playing, and basic music and movement studies to start developing their coordination, music knowledge, and interest in music. They will learn valuable skills for further instruction in instrumental studies, singing, and theater work. They also get to play hand drums!!

piano lessons

Private Lessons

30 or 60 minute lessons


Guitar Lessons

Private lessons. 
30 or 60 minute lessons

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Drum Lessons

Private Lessons on drum set or hand percussion
30 or 60 minute lessons

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