Schedule & Prices

Pre-Professional is for students that have signed up for the “Pre-Professional Program”. Students in Pre-Pro will be required to take the following classes:

Ballet for Broadway, Broadway Jazz, Voice, Music Theory (first semester) Floor Barre (second semester)and the Friday 2 hour class which will encompass Acting, Choral work, Dance and Performance development. This group will be asked to do some performances in and around the Miami area developing a well rounded performer able to adapt to all stages.

Pre- Prof. students will receive an additional 10% off on all Professional Visiting Artists Workshops throughout the year.


$50 Private Piano, Guitar, Drums

60 min classes

$65 Private Voice

60 min classes

$35 Registration Fee

One time only. Additional family members only $10 each.

$10 Intro to Music & Rhythm

60 min class   

$18 Group Drumming

60 min classes

$18 Music Theory

60 min classes

$19 Dance Classes

90 min classes

$28 Private Piano, Guitar, Drums

30 min classes