I wouldn’t be the dancer I am today without Julie Smith! Her classes are challenging and eyeopening.
Her jazz class is always a good sweat and taught me about dancing as full as you can
and performing your heart out. Her floor barre class taught me so much about proper placement
and she corrected a lot of problems I was having. Not only did she teach me great technique
and how to properly take care of my body, she also taught me about performance and
professionalism. Every time I am with her in or out of the studio she is always full of career and
real-world advice for me. She has taught me the importance of putting yourself out there and
making connections. She has taught me which shows I should be going for and has guided me
in making my resume. She is a great asset to any company or studio and always will be my
greatest teacher and mentor! I wouldn’t be a Rockette if I didn’t have Julie Smith in my life!
— Jessica Davison ( NYC Rockette)

Julie was my first dance teacher. As a young student, what she taught me about dance was
amazing. However through her classes, Julie also taught me about confidence, passion, and the
knowledge that anything is possible when you put the work in, (aka work ethic!) and these
cognitive lessons have proven critical in my development and have brought me to be where I
am today. I can’t thank her enough for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself and always
challenging me to be the best I can be!
Tanner Huseman
BFA in Contemporary Dance Performance
The Boston Conservatory
— Tanner Huseman - Dancer with The Jose Limon Dance Company

“Inspiring, empowering, motivating.”
Julie taught me all these lessons and more, I have been nothing but successful because of the
dance teacher that taught me that dance is a passion not a career. To love what you do means
more than just steps across the floor, it means to have been taught by someone who loves what
they do. Julie is the prime definition of passion and you will always look back and smile that your
success is carved by the person that continued pushing you and never let you give up or get
yourself down. So now I smile because that’s is Julie Pappas-Smith.
— Victor Farinas Creative Entertainment Production Assistant Bench , Show Parades & Universal Studios Stilt Walker

Working with Julie was always amazing and fun yet also very rigorous. She is always big about
preparation and about process which is very important especially when developing performance
skills. It’s not magic. It takes time and effort. I think without her I wouldn’t have made this far in
life. I know that sounds very cliche, but she was the one who helped me get to the next level
and it wasn’t by doing show after show at the community theater. It was by taking voice and
dance lessons every week and taking your work seriously. She knows what the business is
really about because she’s been there and she has a lot of knowledge to share, lots of lessons
to teach.
— David Andre ( NYC Actor/ Grad BoCo BFA)
My daughter has been studying with Julie for over a year and I’m constantly amazed at the changes I’ve seen in her voice. She now has a better command of her voice and her technical knowledge and ability has increased tremendously. In line with that, Julie works hard to ensure that as her technical ability increases, she doesn’t sacrifice the parts of her voice that make her unique. Julie is a bright, gifted and compassionate teacher who combines hard work with fun ways to explore her voice. I’ll never forget one of my daughters first lessons with Julie where she asked her to use a specific technique that produced a strange sound she’d never heard come out of her own voice before and she burst out laughing. Julie laughed with her and said,”I know it seems funny now but you’ll see what a difference it’ll make later.” Boy was she right!! 
Paula Fernandez De Los Muros
— Paula Fernandez De Los Muros